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BEST Life provides affordable group medical, dental, vision, life and short term disability insurance products.


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Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"● Pay & benefits"

Customer Service (Current Employee) says

"I love this job. I wish the hours were better but this is the first job I have had where management actually talks to you and works with you. I enjoy working for the company but I feel like the customers don't like us. So be prepared to get yelled at on the phone I'm asked at least once a week if this company is a sham but its not. This is a high paced environment where you have to think quick and know where to find an answer but if you're stuck management is super friendly helping you find the answer for your customer. Cons: Only 2 shift options for right now"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"work hours were great. people were good to work with and the management was fair. training was excellent. you knew what you were doing when you got to the phones. Cons: cant think of any"


"I worked at BEST Life Cons: Where do I begin? The juvenile politics are exhausting! They pay significantly below industry standards (like 70% below). The management team has no clue how to run a company. They treat people like slaves and run operations like a sweat shop. If you're young, attractive and know how to flirt and laugh at poor jokes at the expense of good people, you won't make money but will stand a chance of keeping your job. Problem is... do you really want it? The company milks its members for every bogus fee imaginable and it has no care or concern for people."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at BEST Life full-time for more than 3 years Cons: The president, Paul Peatros, is childish and emotional, taking out his frustrations on his subordinates. He also has no sense of boundaries or respect for his workers. Three or four executive harvest an environment that's mentally unhealthy and morally irresponsible. It is a miracle they have not been sued many times over for negligence, fraud, and harassment."


"I worked at BEST Life Cons: Its a big office but not a lot of people. There were separate departments that usually kept to themselves."

Former Intern - Anonymous Intern says

"I worked at BEST Life for less than a year Cons: - Work was repetitive and very dull - Abundance of internal disagreement amongst employees - High turnover rate - Employees are talented but some could be more affable"